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About Lonna D. Kingsbury

Lonna D. Kingsbury - Producer / Poet / Educator / Mentor / Character

In 2002 I was honored to serve as Olympic Torch Guardian then deliver my  Olympic Poem.

My adopted home of Cincinnati serves me well.  I will never forget the honor of serving as 2002  Torch Guardian for the Olympic Torch Relay then on to Clermont County to offer my Olympic poem. 

Of course, following Neil Armstrong to deliver the Poetic Dedication for the Mason Veterans' Memorial always  - remains but a heartbeat away.  

A mere poet's dream

And now back to the FUNdamentals of business!


Beauty, it is said,  is always in the eye of the beholder - I have the amazing honor year-after-year of beholding that beauty and being a part of this most incredible light extravaganza -  the  tradition so named as the PNC Festival of Lights - a place where visitors from far and near become a part of our very own extended family tradition - joining  together as we gaze in wonder each night at our   transformation into a "Wild Wonderland" .   We have been voted "Best Zoo Lights in the USA" by USA Today                               We celebrate our 36th season by 

opening every evening from  5:00 until 9:00 Sunday through Thursday and every evening from 5:00 until 10:00 Friday and Saturday.   

Of course, Santa arrives everyday at 4:00pm for everyone's convenience up through December 23.                                                                                                                                           We close for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and reopen on December 26  and continue through January 1, 2019,


Children need to know that everyone is special, that everyone wins when we all work together!


                          Creativity promotes communication.

                         Communication promotes connectivity.

                   Connectivity through literary, visual, performance 

                     and common dialogue promotes understanding.

          Understanding promotes continuous free and true expression. 

      Continuous free and true expression promotes continual extension.

                        Create.  Commune.  Connect.  Understand.  


Just a Touch


"If you're looking for just that tad of mystery - you need not look any further - Who else but Mr. Weidemann would come to investigate such goings on as a wine tasting at his mansion - hmmm?

Personalized mystery parties, team building and of course our Wonderful, Wizzardly Corporate Events.  Just how perceptive are you????                                       We make your magic happen!

And Always there is Art

If I could gift but one word

to ever guide all days

as impetus for growing 

or contemplating ways

to conquer horrid demons

or gently hold a hand

to relish in the glories 

of knowing dreams obtained

If I could gift but one word

to garner every truth

for each their chosen pathway

I’d gift to you – pursuit . . . 

                               lonna d. kingsbury

Together We Are Strong

Building our I AM collage together - each student designs an individual artistic visual statement of who they are, what makes them strong - and together we bind our strength into the building blocks of tomorrow!

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